Arriving at the newly purchased perfect home more often than not is some sort of compromise as there is a relationship between the key elements: space needed, location preferred, budget available, long term intentions, and house stock available at the time of looking.

The big target is to know that what you have bought has the potential to be the the Perfect Home. If I am selling my perfect home, you can sure that my buyer will not be quite so sure… is the garden too big/ small, where is the wine cellar, what about a triple garage, too many trees, not enough parking, local pub too near, too far, too noisy, not noisy enough. What about schools, clubs, and activities… the list goes on.

The perfect home. Queen Vicotria's Osborne House on the Isle of Wight

Importantly the house can always be adapted to provide what one wants to make it ‘perfect’. But be carfeul with your renovations and improvements – live in the house for while to get the feel of the space, think through the way your changes will impact on you and your family. Queen Victoria chose Osborne House, East Cowes for it’s location, rebuilding between 1845 -51, with final additions in 1890-91, of course the late Queen Victoria has an almost infinite budget!

When designing the perfect home make sure you have flexible accomodation to account for growing children, aging parents, new hobbies and activities. Try to think long term with design and think about whether your improvements will add value. When searching one must be honest with oneself; think about the location, think about how far you are prepared to travel to work, shool, shop; think about the neighbourhood and what might change, what has changed; think about your family & yourself how much you all may change with age, habits, hobbies and time.

Buying a new home helps renew your thinking, but it can all get very stressfull. We aim to help.

Perfect Home Search by Sherlock and Watson

– Enjoy your move.
– Focus your energy on thinking about your family, and aspirations.
– We will concentrate on fulfilling your house search based on your criteria.

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