Employee Relocation Package

Attract top staff with an employee relocation package Isle of Wight hosted by Sherlock and Watson.

For many prospective employees a move from an urban environment down to the Isle of Wight is often imagined to be one step too far and even disconnected from the rest of the country. The fact is we are well connected logistically, and digitally. We offer a fabulous lifestyle and work environment. What’s not to like.

We need to encourage businesses to relocate, and existing business to lure the best staff to drive profitability & growth. This is where Sherlock and Watson can assist by providing comprehensive corporate relocation services. Independant, professional and personal services will make your prospective employees move to the area, stress free and educational.

Your staff will hit the ground running well orientated with the area, perfectly housed (budget not withstanding) and socially connected. Call us for more information, click HERE for more details.

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