Question: How long should we expect it to take for Sherlock & Watson to find our dream home?

As soon as you have contracted us to begin the services, you will have our complete attention to search high and low for your dream property. Our search covers up to 3 months and within that timeframe we will have a portfolio of refined properties to present to you!

Question: Why should I use Sherlock & Watson instead of carrying out searches in property portals by myself?

Our local expertise plus our wide range of project management experience, including period house renovations, small & large scale refurbishment, extension builds and landscaping, means S & W can fully evaulate the quality of a property (including reporting back the negatives!). Our work saves you precious time for family and friends in your busy schedule instead of trawling through the thousands of properties available online without truely knowing the best location for you. We can guide you through the whole moving process to make it as stress-free as possible and to give you the confidence you need in your relocation.

Question: Do we need to meet face-to-face?

Although meeting face-to-face is preferable, we understand that people have busy schedules. Whilst the first few exchanges could occur over email, a vocal meeting either over skype or phone call is neccessary so that we can get you exactly what you want (avoiding miscommuncations which often occur over email!).