Fee Guide

Fee guide for property finding, relocation and management services offered by Sherlock and Watson Ltd to new clients. We are actively seeking new retained clients for our holiday home management service.

Drive-By Service – Kerbside viewing and assessment of your short listed properties

  • Fast response kerbside assessment often within 24 hours of instruction
  • Quick reporting on condition, state of the garden, occupation status, neighbourhood, traffic issues
  • Comparison against other properties on the Drive-by shortlist
  • Minimum 3 properties per instruction or by negotiation
  • Excludes property not visible from public highway

Fee: £30 (inc VAT) per Drive-By property. Minimum order 3 Drive-By viewings per instruction

Quickview Service – We view & prepare a concise Property Report on a property you find.

  • Time & money saving quick preview service.
  • Our client searches property portals to short list properties.
  • We view the short listed property/properties.
  • We draw up a concise property report on each property, including condition, immediate surroundings, and neighbouring properties, with photographs.
  • Prices are for average sized homes upto 1200 sq feet/112 sqm. Larger homes priced individually.

Fee: £ 96.00 (inc VAT) per Quickview property visit

Fee: £ 180 (inc VAT) Same day viewing service for 2 Quickview property visits

Fee: £ 252.00 (inc VAT) Same day viewing service for 3 Quickview Property visits

Full Property Preview – We view & prepare an in depth Property Report on a property you find.

  • In depth viewing of property with detailed property report complete with photos and video re – condition, services, surroundings, neighbourhood, neighbouring properties, traffic issues etc
  • 2 Additional visits to property at different times of day to assess local environment
  • Investigation and report on local planning applications, improvements to neighbouring properties, analysis of how the local develpment plan may affect the property.
  • Prices are for average sized homes upto 1200 sq feet/112 sqm. Larger homes priced individually.

Fee: £ 300 (inc VAT) per property preview visit

Quickview & Preview Benefits – fee v time saved

The Drive-By, Quickvew & Preview services are a must if you are serious about moving to the island and lead a busy lifestyle. Get a quick and/or detailed understanding of your potential property with our property reporting, not just the estate agent’s marketing information. Our services will give you the edge over other buyers who are intereted in the property. Our services saves you from wasting time, missing work, and visiting properties which do not meet your requirements.

Get to know the Island Service – Escorted Island tour, viewing day, familiarisation.
A member of the S&W team will collect clients (max 4) from the arrivals area at your chosen ferry port/location on the Island. We provide a full escorted tour of the Island where time allows, or concentrate on a pre-selected locality. At the end of the day tour we return you to the departure point of your choice or overnight accomodation. Tours may be bespoked eg: to include escorted property viewings.
Fee: £ 480 per day inc VAT (excludes refreshment expenses)

Full Home Find Service: – Confidential & fully comprehensive home search, find & acquisition service
Contracted Search Period: 3 months/12 weeks
Registration Fee of £ 720 (inc VAT), payable on instruction.
Monthly contract fee £ 600 (inc VAT) each month thereafter.
Final Fee 1.25% of the purchase price of the property plus VAT, less prepaid registration fee & monthly payments.
i.e Property Cost £ 500,000 Homesearch fee = £ 7500.00 inc VAT
To enquire about our full Home Find or any of our other services, go to our contact page or call us on 01983 754800.

Rental Home Search – Find rental properties, preview & report, escorted viewing days.
Research, List & Report Session – Office Based:  £96.00 inc VAT per Session (4 hours)
Single property preview / short report  £ 84 inc VAT
2 property preview (same day service only) £ 160 inc VAT
3 property preview (same day service only)  £ 225.00 inc VAT

Relocation Packages & Senior Moving Services

Due to the broad range of requirements needed by our private, senior & corporate clients, we offer a free consultation meeting to determine which services are required and quote fees accordingly.

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