Holiday Home Finding Isle of Wight

Holiday home finding Isle of Wight from Sherlock and Watson saves our clients time, money and disappointment. There is nothing quite like owning an Isle of Wight holiday home, the Garden Island, surrounded by the Solent and English Channel.

There are many types of property available from Historic Country houses, to Beach & Waterfront homes, Stone cottages in the countryside and spacious mobile homes.

An Isle of Wight holiday home is a great investment too, it is of course a UK home, the Island is becoming more and more desirable because of its location, accessibility, wonderful coast line and amenities. People from all walks of life visit the Isle Wight for holidays, there is a constant demand for short & long term lettings – Isle of Wight Holiday Home owners can earn a usefull rental income when they are away.

If you are interested in finding your perfect Isle of Wight holiday home then call Sherlock and Watson holiday home finding Isle of Wight. We will help you find the exact property to match your criteria, we are independant and work only for you. Our property finding will save you precious time, give you an advantage over other buyers, and we will discover facts about proposed property purchases which you may never know until it’s too late and you have completed the transaction. See our detailed holiday home finding Isle of Wight Services HERE.

Once you have purchased your holiday home we have the skills to oversee property upgrades and improvements. We offer a range of holiday home management services to give you peace of mind when you are away. See our Holiday Home Property Management Services HERE.

Reasons for buying an Isle of Wight holiday home

Here are just a few:-

  • Avoid all the hassle and stress of using airports. Drive or walk onto one of the 5 water crossings over to the Island, relax and you will arrive refreshed.
  • There is nothing quite like taking the ferry trip to your Isle of Wight holiday home. As you get on the quintessential UK ferry all the pressures of normal life melt away and your off on holiday. That short Solent crossing is all you need to get away. No passport required !
  • The NHS Doctors Surgeries and Hospital are fully functional on the Island so there are no complications if one of your party needs medical attention.
  • The Isle of Wight has picturesque rolling countryside, an exceptional coastline dotted with gorgeous sandy beaches, harbours and marinas.
  • Friendly traditional pubs, a wide range of restaurants (incuding Michelin starred), many with fantastic sea views. Local produce includes famous Isle of Wight Tomatoes, Garlic from the Garlic Farm, 3 Breweries, the Mermaid Gin distillery and the Island Crystal Spring Water operation. Farms rear sheep, beef, and dairy plus small holders producing goat cheese and more. All around the Island there are fishing boats supplying restauants with Lobster, Crab and other edible wonders from the sea. The Isle of Wight is known as the Garden Island for good reason.
  • There is plenty to do on the Isle of Wight. There are numerous well known and lesser known tourist attractions for holiday visitors, HERE.
  • Isle of Wight holiday home owner and family of all ages & budget have the opportunity to join and engage with a fantastic range of local Clubs and Organisations. Clubs include General sports & well being, Golf, Dinghy Sailing, Yachting, Kayaking, Paddle boarding, Surfing, Kite Surfing, Mountain biking, Road biking, Hiking, Horse riding, Walking, Photography, History & Archaeology, Art, and Music of all genres. Isle of Wight communities are active and wellcoming.
  • Part of the Sherlock and Watson property finding service includes introductions to clubs and organisations for our clients.

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