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Our Home Finding Isle of Wight service will save you time, money and will successfully identify properties on the Isle of Wight which fit your criteria.

  • An ever growing number of property portals, and online agents make accurate personal home finding on the Isle of Wight a long winded, time consuming and often disappointing experience. 
  • Our Isle of Wight home finding produces solid information about short listed properties on the Isle of Wight –  we are a local reliable source. We report on real time property observations and investigations into local planning evidence.
  • We are an Independant IOW property finder, working on behalf of our buyer client. We anaylse potential IOW homes and IOW investment properties based on a carefully agreed set of preferences. 
  • We have detailed local knowledge regarding the Isle of Wight:- best locations, schools, business information, employment, logistics, professional contacts, construction companies and tradesmen.


Home Finding Isle of Wight Services

  • “Drive-By”, “Quickview” and ”Full Property Preview”: Moving house is never easy, and the longest part of it can be the Isle of Wight property search, find and selection. With a busy life, finding the right property on the Isle of Wight can seem never ending – particularly when moving to an Island. Our IOW home preview services will save you time, money and help you make the right decision. You find an Isle of Wight property from your own search, we will view it on your behalf. We will ask the right questions. S & W have time-served experience in the property market, the construction industry and knowlege of the local area. We provide our client with the detailed & valuable feedback needed to make an informed decision.
  • ”Drive By’ –  no nonsense fast response “drive-by” assessment on IOW properties you find on a property portal. We visit the address, cast our knowledgeable eye over the building, assess the location and report back. Gives you a valuable insight on a property and helps you short list it or drop it. Minimum 3 Drive-by visits per instruction. See fee page for costs
  • Quickview” – You find the IOW property via a property portal and we view the property on your behalf, investigate and provide a concise report. The report excludes a Planning Investigation & video, but will give you a great insight into the general condition, feel, garden, facilities, location variations, and neighbourhood.
  • ‘Full Property preview’ – You find the Isle of Wight property & we undertake a long viewing, and investigation into the planning history and local planning issues. The comprehensive report includes: property state & condition, services, surroundings, neighbouring properties, a planning investigation plus photographs and video. Plus the all important “feel” of the house. See fee page for costs.
  • Get to Know the Island Clients collected (max 4) from the arrivals area at your chosen Ferry port on the Island, or harbour/airport if visiting by Private yacht/plane or collect at your overnight accomodation. Full escorted tour of the Island or concentrate on a pre-selected locality. At the end of the day tour we return you to the departure point of your choice or overnight accommodation. Bespoke tours are planned to suit our clients short listed favourite areas. See fee page for costs.
  • Full Home Search -Tailormade Isle of Wight home finding service will include full orientation tour of Island or specific areas; home search, home find, short listing, preview and reporting, accompanied viewings, background information, investigation of planning history and planning/development potential, price negotiation, contract chasing, back office. See fee page for costs.

This service is a must if you are serious about moving home or buying an investment property on the Isle of Wight and lead a busy lifestyle. You will get a detailed understanding and honest appraisal from our reporting on Isle of Wight property, not just the estate agent’s marketing information. The service may give you the edge over other buyers who are interested in the same Isle of Wight property.

  • Rental Home Search  Rent first and buy later. Temporary work contract. Working away from Home. Prefer to rent. Which ever is your circumstance the fact is that the rental market moves fast and you need to react quickly. Our rental home search is the service you need to make sure you get the rental home you want. We have very good relations with Letting Agents, and Private Landlords around the Island. We often know whats coming up and when.
    We determine your individual needs through questionaire, telephone call or meeting. We research availability, and provide a list of matching property. We arrange and accompany viewings, providing a professional opinion helping you make your decision.
    On selection of the rental property, we will assist with Tenancy Agreement negotiations and application process. See fee page for costs.
  • Rental Property Preview – This IOW property service offers our clients a very quick responce to new rental opportunities by making quick qualifying viewings of rental properties which match criteria. You will not miss out on rental property availability because you are busy working, or have commitments. We determine your individual needs through a questionaire, telephone call or meeting. We will research what’s available, and provide details of suitable properties. Further to discussion we will make preview visits and report back to you with accurate findings. See fee page for costs.

If you would like to read more about getting started with our Isle of Wight home finding & Home Search IOW click here.

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